The New JBL Soundbar 5.0 MultiBeam Joins Hands with Dolby Atmos

JBL! JBL!. Not roaring for the entry of JBL, who was a renowned wrestler in WWE. People used to call him “Just a Big Loser.” But, one must cheer for the next revolution in terms of audio experience. No one can imagine what can be a mixture of JBL and Dolby. However, the collaboration is out now, and soon, there is a product in this CES event. JBL Soundbar 5.0 MultiBeam will hit the market in 2021. This sound system integrates with Dolby Atmos to deliver high quality to the users. It is vital to know more on this fifth in the soundbar series from JBL. In this article, we will explore more about JBL Soundbar 5.0 MultiBeam.

What’s more unique?

According to Harman, JBL Soundbar 5.0 MultiBeam has two fascinating features. Firstly, it does not have an additional woofer. It is because of the elements, especially the four passive radiators equipped with JBL 3D Surround Sound technology. They ensure clear, room-filling, and heightened sound capacity that has a punching bass. Secondly, the Dolby Atmos integration with the new soundbar from JBL allows it to recreate the audio of wide dimensions for different entertainment forms, including web series, movies, TV shows, etc. Thus, they have the ability to transform any living space into a perfect personal 3D theatre.

Supporting Platforms

JBL Soundbar 5.0 MultiBeam offers high compatibility due to multi-platform support. The audio model from JBL supports Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Alexa, Multi-Room Music, and Bluetooth. This soundbar has this in-built facility to support Chromecast. Apart from this, in terms of the operating system, JBL Soundbar 5.0 supports both Android and iOS devices. Hence, a broad list of devices and platforms that the soundbar supports ensures that there is an excellent enhancement in its compatibility and portability.


The new soundbar from JBL is available from the JBL website at $399. In terms of comparison, JBL Soundbar 5.0 MultiBeam is very much cheaper than its predecessor. Considering the rich set of features, this soundbar has the capability to overthrow many of its counterparts. The features against the price trade-off is merely a worthless thing due to the low and justifiable price.


The CES event brought many awestruck incidents, among one of them was the JBL Soundbar 5.0 MultiBeam. The new soundbar from JBL has shown brilliance due to its integration with the Dolby Atmos system. This integration allows for a better form of audio experience. The list of ecosystems and platforms the new JBL soundbar supports is impeccable, ensuring an incredible amount of compatibility. Most of the features are not in the public domain yet. Hence, more will get unveiled after the launch of JBL Soundbar 5.0 MultiBeam. The price at which this soundbar will be available depicts that the entire audio setup is cost-effective. After releasing JBL SA750 AirPlay 2 on their 75th birth anniversary, JBL is giving hard times to its counterparts. So, sit tight with patience to dive into a completely different audio arena that will offer one of the most pleasing experiences.

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