Turn off Battery Optimization on Your Samsung Galaxy Device? Here’s How

In this article, we have discussed the steps with which users can turn on Battery Optimization on their Galaxy smartphone. Battery optimization is one of the services that are offered by Samsung in its smartphones. The battery optimization automatically disables apps running in the background, thereby helping smartphonessave battery life and run more smoothly. However, there are several other methods you can use to improve the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S20 device. Also, sometimes it might be annoying to know that the app that was running in the background suddenly disappears from the screen when you try to open it again. Luckily, the user can control the app and restrict Samsung from closing them. Below are the steps that we have mentioned on how to turn offbattery optimization for the apps.

Turn Off Battery Optimization in OneUI 3.0

The steps mentioned below are particularly for OneUI versions 2.0/2.5 and 3.0. In case you aren’t sure about your device’s version, head over to Settings, click on About Phone, and further press Software information. Below mentioned are the steps you can follow on OneUI version 3.0:

  1. Head over to the Settings.
  2. Click on the option“Battery and device care.”
  3. Now click on the Battery option.
  4. Further, click on Background usage limits.
  5. Now press the option Never Sleeping Apps and then click on “+.”
  6. Go through the list of appsand click on the circle appearing next to every app that needs to be added.
  7. Now tap on the“Add” button appearingat your screen’s bottom. That’s all you have to do from your end. You may proceed further to check the steps for version 2.0/2.5.

Turn Off Battery Optimization in OneUI 2.0 and 2.5

The previous Samsung devices must be using OneUI version 2.0/2.5. So, for these versions, you can follow the steps mentioned below for disabling battery optimization for the apps individually.

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Further, press the option“Device care.”
  3. Now, click on Battery and further on the “App power management.”
  4. Press the option“Apps that won’t be put to sleep.”
  5. Further click on“Add apps.”
  6. Now, go through the app listtap on the circle appearing next to every app that needs to be added.
  7. Now, click on the option“Add,” appearing at your screen’s bottom.


So, these were the steps with which you can turn off battery optimization on your Samsung Galaxy device.Users can select as many apps as needed. Some of the suggested apps are podcast players, email, music players, and several other apps that are visited very often. Once selected, these apps won’t shut down whenever they are running in the background.We would suggest you use this method; Samsung might be trying its best to bring out the best device performance possible, and also, there are a vast number of apps that are not necessarily needed to be running in the background as they would unnecessarily consume your device’s battery. However, it totally depends upon you, if they want to keep them running in the background or not.

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