Weird Android Apps that You Might Never Use

In this article, we will look at some weird Android applications that basically do nothing, but you can still use them sometimes if you need them. Here are the apps:

Easter Egg

Easter Egg is an Easter egg collection app that basically includes every Easter egg on Android. You can use this app to see how all the Easter eggs work or look like. This is what this app does; you can simply select any Easter egg on the app and check how it works. Well, nobody uses this kind of apps for a longer time, but still, it exists and you can use it if you want. It’s available entirely for free.


Embiggen is another weird app on Android that does basically nothing except making text bigger. Well, in most cases, there is no benefit to this kind of apps. However, some people use this app to make a short message in loud places. Well, still it’s of no use because in most Android devices we already get an in-built option to make our texts bigger. However, if you want to try this app, you can. It’s entirely available for free to use.

Flying With Gauss

Flying With Gauss is basically not an Android app but an Android app developer on the Google Play Store that has a collection of a bunch of weird apps. They are Xash3D FWGS, CS16Client, Husky for Pleroma, and many more. Most of the apps from Flying With Gauss are for mobile games, they basically Counter-Strike on your device with a selection of game modes. You might like this app, it’s also available entirely for free to use.


InstaMocks is a screenshot-taking app that doesn’t only take screenshots but also lets you put them into the frame of any phone you want. Additionally, it includes 40 different devices to choose from. It allows you to work on up to ten screenshots at a time. Well, for a normal user this app is completely useless as all Android devices have an in-built screenshot-taking feature. But if you are a developer, a YouTube creator, or someone who often posts on forums, then it may be useful to you. The app works nicely and even includes a screenshot editing tool. This app is also available for free to use.

PhotoPills and SunSurveyor

PhotoPills and SunSurveyor both are different apps but they do the same thing. Both the apps let you scout locations based on sunsets or sunrises. The PhotoPills app includes sun, moon, as well as Milky Way planner. It also features a 3D model and 2D augmented reality. SunSurveyor also includes all these features. Both the apps work very nicely and are great for those photographers who are planning to take photos around sunrise or sunset. But they are not available for free, PhotoPills is available for $9.99 and SunSurveyor is available for $7.99.


RunPee is another weird app that basically tells you the best time to take a pee break while watching a movie. Despite this, the app tells you if there are any post-credit scenes at the end of the movie. It overall works fine and is available for free to use with in-app purchases.

Shark Tracker by Ocearch

This app lets you track the migratory pattern of sharks. Researchers have tagged a bunch of sharks and this app tracks all of them so that you can see where they are at and where they are moving. Well, for normal people this app is of no use, but if you are a biologist, then this app may be useful to you. Besides this app, there are plenty of other applications on the Google Play Store are there that track various random things. For example, Blitzortung; it tracks lightning strikes.

Plenty of other weird apps are also available on the Google Play Store that are of no use. For instance, SpotAngels, Web Alert, Win 98 Simulator, and more. That’s all for this article, I hope you liked it. Thank you!

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