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Adobe Character Animations


If you are also a fan of animated series and cartoon characters, then Adobe Character Animation would be an excellent tool for you. Enhance your animation kills with this perfect application. Use your expressions and movements to animate characters in real-time. Character Animations’ fast process lets you Livestream your work to entertain your audience.

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Adobe Character Animations Features

  • Bring character to life- Character Animator matches your expressions using webcam and microphone. Animate in real-time just by syncing lips and tracking eyes.
  • Create a character within seconds– Use the Webcam to turn any art into an animated character. Use the built-in character templates or import art from Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Animations with body movement: Create body movements like waving with keyboard or MIDI device. Save the movements as triggers and easily remember them better than a key command.
  • Professional work: Character Animator is the first choice of professional filmmakers from Hollywood studios and online content creators to bring alive their characters. Integrate it seamlessly with apps like Premier Pro and After Effects.
  • Make your characters come alive– Animate a Photoshop or illustrator puppet with an audio file. Adobe Sensei powers a speech-aware animation, a simple voice track that syncs with your movements and expressions.
  • Animate body movements: Make your character make various gestures, including dancing, jumping, bending, and much more. It gives the ability to pin limbs to the scene with improved control.
  • Navigate the timeline- Create a better organization group by easily searching your timeline for tracks, hide or isolate tracks, etc.
  • Accurate lip-sync– Improved machine- learning by Adobe Sensei has a more profound understanding of spoken words.


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